A Finished Second Draft


I reached my goal for my post-apocalyptic novel—a completed second draft by the end of the year. I try to set attainable goals for myself, both long-term and short-term in my writing, and completing this revision was a long term goal that I established during the first half of the year. This novel now stands at approximately 78,000 words.

I was very happy to have achieved this goal, but I am under no illusions that the novel is finished. It is still very much in the editing and revision stages. I have many questions about the structure of the book, and I wonder if I am committing the writing mistake of leaving parts out unintentionally because I know the story. It is a very common writing error that I have seen with many students, and I suspect that I am doing the same thing.

I am also very concerned that my protagonist, a 16 year old young woman, reads true, that she is convincing as a character. I don’t want her to be a caricature; she needs to be a true representation of a young woman, but the young woman whom I see in my novel.

As a result, I am giving this draft to several readers and asking for strong critical opinion on these and other questions. When I receive these critiques, then I will begin a new draft, and I have set, as a tentative goal, having a third draft done by July of next year. We will see if I reach that goal.

8 thoughts on “A Finished Second Draft

  1. Congratulations on achieving your goal! Good idea to have others read your draft…it’s easy for a writer to get too close to the characters and story and leave out important elements. I went through at least six drafts of my second book! Tip: Remove all the unnecessary “that”s and “he said/she said”s.


  2. thatbillguy

    I’m still slogging through my first draft, trying to get to a completed second draft.

    I’d like to give yours a read when you finish.


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