Ages of Protagonists


I realized that I have a wide range of age between my protagonists in my two novels. In Evil Lives After, the main three friends are retired gentlemen of 68-70 years of age. They are still very active and able to engage in a pitched battle with a demonic supernatural entity. In the second novel, a post-apocalyptic young adult book, the main character is a 16 year old young woman.

Obviously, this presents an interesting series of writing challenges for me. Given that I am closer in age to the gentlemen, but I am not there yet, imagining how they would deal with situations was not a huge stretch for me. Even though, I am not any of these three men, I think I was able to see them clearly and imagine how they would handle the difficulties I threw at them.

With the young lady, she and I are not only of different genders, but also we are widely disparate in ages. So, I hope I am showing a realistic depiction of a young woman of that age and not a caricature.

With all of these protagonists, I did not choose to create them at those ages. That is how I first saw them, and I am not going to speculate about the creative process involved in seeing a character for the first time, only that the beginning for both books was my perceiving the characters and wondering what their stories were.

I hope, in both novels, that I have created believable characters. That will be a test for them if and when I can get the novels published.

In another post, I will explore possible marketing options for both books.


15 thoughts on “Ages of Protagonists

  1. Thank you for the follow. I have found the few blogs I’ve read of yours interesting, so I’m following you now.
    Most of those in my Writers Guild are self-published. I did that with my first novel, but plan to go with a regular publisher for this new one.


  2. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading your posts. I am not big into apocalyptic books but all of a sudden they are everywhere in my life. In my book group this month, we read Station Eleven. I look forward to learning more about your writing,


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