Finally finished!


One of the best feelings I have known is finishing a piece of writing, and I do not mean simply drafting it.  No, I am referring to the final submission of the work, when it is out of my hands.  In May of 2014, I completed my dissertation and earned my Ph.D. in English Literature at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

I had taken a longer time than normal to do this work, because I had a hiatus, entirely of my own doing, from my graduate studies, and I had to reapply under special circumstances to be readmitted into the program.  I am thankful that I was permitted to do so, and this time, with dedication and discipline, I finished my work.  I had previously been in the swelling ranks of those with A.B.D. or all but dissertation, and I decided it was time to correct this mistake.  In being readmitted, I had to take a few more graduate courses in addition to writing the dissertation, but I did it!  And with my wife, my in-laws, and my cousin in attendance, I was hooded in May and graduated!!! Yay!

The title of the dissertation is typically academic and unwieldy:

From the Political to the Personal:

Interrogation, Imprisonment, and Sanction

In the Prison Drama of Seamus Byrne and Brendan Behan.

This work is finished, but I am not done with it.  It will be the basis for one of the writing projects I am currently engaged with.  (In this blog, I will discuss both academic and fiction writing–the two very different sides of my literary endeavors).  I am currently setting out plans to turn part of this dissertation into an academic book.   I will give more on that as I progress.

And, I will continue to discuss what I am working on in both realms of writing.  All comments are welcome.

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